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McAllister/Fossum specializes in art and personal property appraisals. We find out the value of the items in your home or business, such as collectibles, antiques, fine art, silver, china, decorative art, or other personal property. We also work with professionals such as attorneys and insurance agents who need advice for clients on valuing for estates, donations, or damaged property.

The Appraisal Process

You might think appraisers can simply look at an item and come up with a


“ballpark figure,” but that’s rarely the case. Most appraisals require research to find and justify appropriate values for your items. In addition, the appropriate values will hinge on the type of appraisal we’re doing. Learn more about the three common appraisal types here.

Our appraisal process involves four steps:

(1) collecting all the relevant information about the item(s) to be appraised
(2) conducting research to determine values for the item(s).
(3) Once values are determined, producing the final appraisal report.
(4) Upon payment , releasing two copies of the appraisal.

Learn more about these four steps in our appraisal process.

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