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McAllister/Fossum Appraisal Services works with a variety of clients including private collectors, businesses and corporate collections, public collections, and museums. Corporate collections, such as well-known banks and law firms, are frequently in need of insurance updates for the art collections they have carefully curated over the years, and other times are in need of advice to deaccession and sell parts artworks that no longer fit into their changing collections.

Government Appraisals 

We have worked with several city governments and with the state of Washington on appraising their public art collections and continue ongoing relationships with those institutions with periodic appraisal updates.


We also work with museums to help them with insurance appraisal updates for artworks in their permanent collections in a variety of situations, including when a loan is requested by other institutions for their exhibition needs.

Tom Wesselmann, Seattle Tulip, 1988, epoxy and urethane on aluminum, downtown Seattle

Private Collectors

Most frequently we work with private collectors, including families who have seen artwork and collectibles passed down through generations, and with new collectors who are at the beginning of building their collections. Whether a family is curious about how to equitably divide a collection following a beloved family member’s death, or a new collector is seeking advice on purchasing or insuring a new a new acquisition, we can help with every step of the process.

Attorney Appraisals

In addition to assisting corporations and businesses with the appraisal of their art collections, professionals such as attorneys frequently seek the advice of appraisers for their cases and their clients. We receive appraisal referrals from many attorneys in Seattle, Bellevue, and greater Washington state who trust us to handle their clients estate tax appraisal needs.

Jasper Johns, Within, 2007, intaglio in 10 colors on Hahnemuhle paper, 42-1/4 x 32-1/2 inches

Testimonials from Clients

“Years ago we used the services of Lynn McAllister, and then interviewed Erin Fossum last year to determine if we felt she was qualified to update our collection. She certainly had the academic credentials, and we were equally impressed with her references. She worked within her estimate and we were satisfied that she had very thoroughly researched and updated our collection for insurance purposes. In the event that we would want to donate or sell a piece of art, we would bring her back to assist us.”

“The appraisal you did for us is beautiful and we love all the historical information.”

“They appraisals were very well done. My tax attorney was more than gratified by the way you approached the project and the material that you provided. I will surely recommend you to others.”

“I found you to be open to my input for the appraisal process, yet I am confident that you worked independently and without bias. Your final report was extensive and well presented.  My CPA accepted that report as credible and I filed it with my tax return.”

“I found the appraisal to be complete and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much.”

Note: All quotes are from former clients. The names and sources of the quotes are not stated because the identity of our clients is confidential.

Erin G. Fossum, MA

Accredited Appraiser

Erin specializes in appraising fine art, antiques & residential contents. She offers appraisals for a variety of purposes, including insurance, estates, donations and divorce.

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